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The Solar industry’s growth has accounted for nearly 3.4% of the total US generation thus far this year, with
wind contributing 8.5%. Coal, meanwhile, has plunged from about 30% last year to just 17.8%.

Rooftop Solar Panel System Installation

2020 has witnessed strong growth of renewable generation and rapid declines in fossil-fuel production and consumption, the
U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Electric Power Monthly report states that solar and wind are the
fastest-growing sources of U.S. electricity.

This summer, solar, accounted for  3.5% of the nation’s total energy generation, up nearly 20% from 2.8% in July 2019. In the  January-July 2020 period,
solar accounted for nearly 3.4% of the country’s generation, up 22.1% from the 2019 year-to-date mark of 2.6%.

All renewable energy sources are taken into account, clean energy made up 9.5% of all electricity generation in July and
renewables with hydroelectric provided 21.2% of total electrical output, up from 19.2% a year ago.

The 2020 highpoint happened in May, where renewable resources reached an all-time peak contribution of the
country’s electricity generation at 25.3%. These gains have been driven by the growth of wind and solar.