Austin Energy Solar Rebate

Austin Energy offers a flat $2500 per system rebate for homeowners looking to install residential solar panels.

Value of Solar Tariff

When you connect your solar panels to the Austin Energy grid, you are automatically enrolled in the Value of Solar Program (VoS) and are credited for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy produced by your system. The VoS rate is currently valued at $0.097 / kWh and is recalculated annually.

Sunset Valley Solar Rebate

The City of Sunset Valley will also pay you $1,000 per kilowatt for up to 3 kilowatts of photovoltaics. In order to be eligible for the rebate offered by the City of Sunset Valley Solar Energy Conservation Program, you must first apply and be approved for the Austin Energy rebate so the rebates piggyback on each other.


Austin’s 2025 Renewable Energy Goal


Maximum Rebate Amount from Austin Energy ($)


Value of Solar Tariff ($/kWh)

Since 1876 Energy is a partnering for the Austin Energy Solar Rebate program, we will help you with paperwork and make the application process as simple and stress-free as possible. Although the rebate is generous enough on its own, eligible homeowners can also combine it with the 26% federal solar tax credit. Most eligible homeowners are able to save almost half the sticker price just by taking advantage of these two generous incentives!



Let’s make up some numbers and say your 6 kW system’s sticker price is $20,000. Your post-rebate cost would be $17,500 ($20,000 minus the $2500 Austin Energy

Post-Rebate cost = $17,500

You’d then apply the 26% solar tax credit to find your net purchase price (rebates are always factored in first). So $17,500 times 26% equals $4,550. Subtracting this amount from the post-rebate cost we get $12,950.

Net Purchase Price = $12,950

Just like that, you reduced the cost of going solar by nearly half! If you were to finance your system via a solar loan, for instance, you could still apply for the solar tax credit AND then Austin Energy solar rebate, all without putting any money down! How cool is that? Hurry though, both incentives won’t be around forever. Since June 2017, the Austin Energy rebates have dropped in value by almost 34%!