About | 1876 Energy

1876 Energy was founded by a group of solar professionals that felt that solar could be done better by creating more value for the homeowner and the industry in general. Most of us have been involved with solar for many years , A few of us have been involved since the industry’s infancy. We saw the solar industry begin as a cottage industry when a solar system would cost $60,000, available only to the wealthy. The market matured and changed over time developing better systems and components. Over the last few years, increasing demand has dropped the price of solar significantly ( 70%). This new level of affordability has given everybody the chance to participate in owning his or her own renewable energy. As we have entered the mass adoption phase for solar, we have all seen multiple companies enter the market “to make a buck” and not to create lasting value for their customers. Recognizing this, we realized these business choices were not in alignment with our values. We formed 1876 Energy as a solution to these industry problems. We choose to be customer focused and not a transactional company, We are fanatic about renewable energy as a group and we are committed to everybody having access to and having a great experience saving money with solar.
The 1876 Team came together around these ideal and are aligned in this mission. We work every day to both enhance your experience of owning solar and expanding the renewable future of our communities and country.

We appreciate your business!